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Entry #1

Hey faggots. (Not sure if I can say that on here but oh well)

1/15/14 by Quorthon
Updated 1/15/14

3709978_138983295852_shit.jpgNobody is reading this. This post is pointless, either way. I suck at drawing in any way. Better than anyone else I know, but still. I suck. help me be able to draw a straight line and perfect circle please


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i like the way you draw torsoes

1/17/14 Quorthon responds:

I don't.



Stray thought: you know those kiddie pads for doodling? It's like black wax, with a semi-see through film over it... you use a blunted stylus, draw on it, then lift the film up to erase it. Shit, I might get one. Anyway, drawing with a mouse is ludicrously hard. Maybe scan a paper drawing?

1/16/14 Quorthon responds:

I have a drawing pad thingy but it doesn't work good. I have to buy another. I'll scan a paper drawing soon. Thanks.

You're wrong! I'm reading! If you want advice, just keep practicing. I mean you can draw circles well so that's a plus. Practice drawing on a blank sheet of paper and just look for tips and such on the internet. Use the gift of the internet! Also try drawing something challenging and push yourself. Hope that helped.

1/16/14 Quorthon responds:

thaaank you